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Lodder Family Open 4 Person Ambrose Event

Open 27 Hole 4 Person Ambrose: Winners: 81.875 G Milady A Jones J Luxford B Lester.

First Nine: 26.625 G Milady A Jones J Luxford B Lester.   2nd Nine: 26.562 & 3rd Nine: 26.562 C&S Gleeson, R Mancktelow G Daniel

Long Drive: Men: A Page  Ladies: G Daniel

NTP: 2 A Jones 5 N Young 11 A Page 14 B Lester 2nd Shot 9/18: D Faux

BRD: 84.687 C&S Gleeson, R Mancktelow G Daniel  84.875 K Lodder C Lodder J Wedwood D Marriott

Many thanks to the Lodder Family and Dan Marriott yesterday, for a great day. Everybody enjoyed themselves.


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