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Lowood Cup
Results of today's competition held at Lowood & District Golf Club:
Lowood Cup: MDGA Event & Sponsor: Open Single Stroke. Gross & Nett; A B & C Grades + Ladies
Winners: Mens Gross: A Grade: 73 M Vesper R/up: 74 C Fraser B Grade: 81ocb S Augustin R/up: 81ocb J McCarroll
C Grade: 103 G Hair R/up: 106 B Etherton Ladies: 100 J Etherton R/up: 112 K Clarkson
Mens Nett: A Grade: 70 M Vesper R/up: 73 S Ziebarth B Grade: 67ocb S Augustin R/up: 67ocb J McCarroll
C Grade: 80 G Hair R/up: 82 B Adams Ladies: 83 J Etherton Rup: 85 K Clarkson
Vets: 60+ TBA
NTP: 2 S Ziebarth 5 M Vesper 11 Shane Kopelke 14 K Lodder 2nd Shot 1/10: J Wheelhouse
Ladies No2: J Etherton Ladies 2nd Shot 5: G Daniel
BRD: Nett Score: 73 G Milady T Milady R Heathwood L Sippel 74 B Wieland D Faux J Luxford E O'Farrell, F Oreb, C Fraser, J Wheelhouse
Winner of the Lowood Cup is Steve Augustin to whom we extend our congratulations.
Many thanks to the Moreton & District Golf Assoc for their sponsorship and a great day. Also a big thank you to the many visitors who made the day a great succes


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