Golf Australia have posted the following short video clips, to further explain the New Handicap System which will be introduced throughout Australia 23 January 2014. There will also be a terrific Daily Handicap calculator function available on the GOLF Link website ( from 23 January.  This will be a new feature on each player’s handicap record page.  It will be simple to use and it will enable a player to very quickly determine what their Daily Handicap will be for any Slope Rating

To view Slope Rating of other courses, click Queensland Golf Course Slope Ratings

1/ Playing Golf under Slope.

  • For handicapping, all Stroke scores must be converted to and processed as, Stableford scores. Where the competition is Stroke the Stroke score will be the Competition Score; the Stableford Score will be the Handicapping Score.
  • Any round played under the Par scoring system will be converted by Golf Link into a Stableford Score by adding 36 points to the player’s final result. For example a score of minus 4 will be converted to 32 points, which will be the player’s Handicapping Score
  • If a player is competing in a Stroke or Par competition, their Stableford score is disregarded when assessing Competition placing.
  • The purpose of this regulation is to a) reduce the effect of high individual hole scores for handicapping purposes, in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability and b) to make all handicaps as equitable as possible by using a uniform score type for all handicapping.
  • Golf Australia have noted in their advice to clubs, it is the player’s responsibility to record their Stableford score, when playing in a Stroke competition and not the responsibility of club officials to convert a player’s Stroke score.

2/ Slope and the GA Handicap System

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4/ DSR and the New Handicap System

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